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Sudak - the magic edge of conifer needle and caressing sea. Translated from the Turkic Pike meaning «water from the mountains».

The city is situated on the shores of Bay of Sudak, Sudak in the deep valley, surrounded by a ridge of Crimean mountains and open to the south to the sea. The climate in these places close to the southern coast - the dry, moderately hot. Sudak is one of the sunniest spots in the Crimea - the sun shines 2550 hours a year.

Summers are hot and dry, sometimes the temperature reaches +40°С. But the summer heat is here is easier because of the daily movement of air caused by the temperature difference between land and sea. Before noon, a light sea breeze brings freshness to the cooled down for the night sea, moderating the heat. At sunset it is replaced by warm, dry breeze fill the air with volatile production in mountain forests.

The sea warms up early, and long to keep warm. Cold currents are rare. Sea water temperature in May 16-18°С, in June 18-23°С, in July and August 23-28°С, in September 18-22°С, and in October 17,5°С.


Hallmark Sudak always remains the Genoese fortress. She remembers the invasion of the Alans, the Genoese invasion, the Fair of the Silk Road. Its walls hold the history that goes far back. Trying to recreate its participants in the International Festival of Genoa hat.


At 7 km from the town of Sudak Novy Svet is located in the adjacent relict grove of juniper trees. Being in a relic grove improves blood circulation and respiratory tract. The village is the house-museum of Prince Lev Golitsyn, the founder of Russian champagne. In the museum you can visit the exhibition hall and a tasting of sparkling wines, sparkling wines produced by the «Novy Svet».

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