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About Sudak

Guest house «South Yard»

Our cozy «South Yard» cordially welcome you in any of the summer months, as well as in the gentle May and September of velvet. On a hot day will bring a cool decorative fountains. Enjoy their freshness can be in the shade of open pavilions. Give a special flavor exotic southern plants: yucca, cactus glade, cannes, lavender and of course apple and pomegranates. To walk among these plants can be paved with natural stone paths.


On the territory of the site is a summer cafe with a very tasty and inexpensive breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You will be able to arrange catering for individual orders or according to the menu, which offers dishes of Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar cuisine.

If someone wants to cook the food yourself, no problem! We have a kitchens with all necessary stuff.


Time spent on vacation in the guest house of the South Yard, will leave fond memories and you definitely want to come back again!


Crimea. Sudak. Rest.

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