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About Sudak

Accommodation in Sudak

You have decided to rest in Sudak? This is the right choice. Uniqueness of the climate, mountain scenery, a highly developed service industry will help you to rest with pleasure.

We offer:

  • 2-3-bed rooms with all amenities;

  • double room with all amenities and a separate kitchen;

  • 2-3-bed rooms of economy class - 2 showers and 2 toilets for 5 rooms.

We have a large landscaped courtyard with garden houses and ornamental fountain. Rooms are located in several different parts of the yard, each with a separate entrance. From the 2nd floor of a beautiful view of the valley and the foothills of Sudak picturesque mountain Ai-George. Free Wi-Fi.

At your disposal two summer kitchen for cooking. The kitchen has utensils, gas stove, refrigerator. Also close to home has open-air cafe.

 South Yard

All photos can be seen in the gallery.

From us to the sea 15 minutes walking.


Welcome to rest in Sudak! In the guest house «South Yard»!


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